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Dear friends,

we want to invite you to the world of creativity, inspiration, and incredible experiences. ART POGON is a craft that brings a fresh perspective and an artistic touch to every aspect of your life.

Do you know how important a good first impression is? That initial image your company, project, or association leaves on your clients and collaborators can make the difference between success and failure. Visual identity, especially the logo, plays a crucial role in shaping that first impression.

At "ART POGON," we understand the importance of visual identity. Our passion is design, and we use that passion to help businesses, projects, non-governmental organizations, and associations highlight their unique voice, values, and mission.

We are not just ordinary service providers. We are your partners in the creative journey, ready to turn your ideas into reality. Our passion is to create art that will inspire you, connect you with others, and leave an indelible impression.

If you are ready to take your projects to a new level, bring your ideas to life, and create lasting memories, contact us today. "Art Pogon" is here to help you achieve your goals and add a creative touch to every aspect of your life.

Together we create. Together we inspire. Together we innovate.


Who stands behind ART POGON, a design craft?

Daniel Pavlić - designer, photographer, artist, and filmmaker

Behind Daniel stands over twenty years of experience in the film industry. His experience began in 2002 when he initiated a cinema and a series of cultural events as the director of the Public Open University in Hrvatska Kostajnica.

At the same time, he founded the non-governmental organization KAOS - the alternative scene of Kostajnica, one of the first associations in Croatia focused on human rights, culture, ecology, tourism, and working with children and youth.

Until 2019, he led the Film Center and the cinema of the Crystal Cube of Cheerfulness in Sisak, as well as launched several film festivals and reviews.

He successfully digitized the cinema in Sisak and actively participated in the establishment of the Cinema Network - a network of independent cinema exhibitors in Croatia, while globally contributing to the working group for the establishment of the "Green Film Network," a worldwide network of ecological film festivals.

He participates in his work as a jury member and selector at numerous international film festivals and is the author of several documentaries.

Currently, he is filming his first feature-length documentary, "Dust in the Showcase," under the auspices of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Film Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is a member of the Croatian Design Society, the Croatian Journalists' Association, and the Croatian Society of Filmmakers.

He has several solo exhibitions of photographs and paintings, and he participates in numerous group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

He has published two books and, in addition to award-winning short stories in various competitions, he received the award for the best report in 2022.

In 2021, the HND and FraMaFu festival awarded him the award for humanity.

Daniel Pavlić - designer, photographer, artist, and filmmaker

At Art Pogon, we offer a range of services that will enrich your experience and help you realize your visions:

Graphic Design: we create visual stories that will highlight your brand and capture the attention of your target audience

Photography: we immortalize moments and memories through photography that brings emotions to life

Video Production: we shoot and edit video content that will set you apart on social media and create a powerful impression.